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People : Total 11 people, including 1 professor, 6 Ph.D. candidates, 1 M.S. candidates, 1 researcher and 2 staff members, are currently working toward creating and developing the Nano and Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (N/MEMS), in which electrical, mechanical, thermofluidic, optoradiative and biochemical nano/micro components are combined to achieve advanced sensing, actuating and controlling functions as an entire system.

Research & Development Activity : The former Micromachines and Microsystems Laboratory (MicroLab, 1991~) has pioneered MEMS research in Korea through the series of success achieved in the industry-supported projects on the development of functional microdevices and novel microsystems for automotive and electronics applications. MicroLab has extended the MEMS technology into the nano-bio-information technology convergence regime, and has initiated bio-inspired N/MEMS research for information and biomedical applications through National Creative Research Initiative Programs of Digital Nanolocomotion Center (DNC) as well as through National Circulating Tumor Cell Research Center (CTCRC). MicroLab has evolved into NanoSentuating Systems Laboratory (NanoSystems Lab), since 2002.

Education & Training Programs : Developed are a series of courses and training programs in N/MEMS areas at KAIST and have included 5 undergraduate courses, 7 graduate courses and two short courses. Among them, the courses, "Micro ElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS)," “Bio-inspired ElectoMechanical Systems (BEMS),” and "Nano ElectroMechanical Systems (NEMS)," have been offered at KAIST since 1994, 1995 and 2002, respectively, as the pioneering N/MEMS courses in Korea.

Facility & Infrastructure : Research activities and education programs are supported not only by the fabrication facility for micro/nano-machining, encapsulation, interconnection, isolation, bonding, packaging and assembly processes, but also by the analytical instruments for the experimental characterization and verification of nano/micro phenomena, device performance and system functions.

Publications : Total 727 technical articles have been published, including 104 international journal papers; 74 domestic journal papers; 229 international conference papers; 96 domestic conference papers; 22 foreign patents; 72 domestic patents; 34 domestic review papers; 15 domestic books & booklets; 81 domestic research reports.

Location : Rm. 901-906, CMS(E16) Building, KAIST


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