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Current Members
Ph.D. Candidates
Young Jun KIM Young Jun KIM
B.S.(2006) Chemical Engineering, Sogang Univ.
M.S.(2008) Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Sogang Univ.
Bio-inspired N/MEMS

Dae Geon SEO Dae Geon SEO
B.S.(2006) Mechanical Engineering, YeungNam Univ.
M.S.(2009) Nano Science and Technology, KAIST
Bio-inspired N/MEMS

Yoon-tae Kang Yoon-tae KANG
B.S.(2010) Electrical Engineering, KAIST
M.S.(2012) Bio and Brain Engineering, KAIST
Bio-inspired N/MEMS

Ji yoon Bu Ji yoon BU
B.S.(2011) Mechanical Engineering, KAIST.
Bio-inspired N/MEMS

Sung Hyun Yoon Sung Hyun YOON
B.S.(2012) Biomedical Engineering, Yonsei Univ.
M.S.(2014) Bio and Brain Engineering, KAIST Bio-inspired N/MEMS

JaeEul Shim Jae Eul SHIM
B.S.(2011) Biomedical Science, CHA Univ.
M.S.(2015) Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National Univ.
Bio-inspired N/MEMS

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