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Research Regime

Research Scope and areas are fundamental, device & system, and application technologies of focusing on the Nano/Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (N/MEMS) for applications to the creation, detection, transduction, transmission, processing, display and storage of low-level multi-modal and multi-sale information carriers.

Industry Application and Target Systems:
Biomedical & Environmental Systems
Information, Computers and Communication Systems
Consumer Electronics & Household Equipment
Automotive and Aerospace Electronics Systems
Industrial Production and Instrumention

Device & System Technology:
Micro Sensors & Nano Detectors
Nano/Micro Actuators
Nano/Micro Biochips and Benches
Nano/Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
Functional Microstructures and Nanocomponents

Fundamental Technology:
Modeling, Analysis, and Design
Fabrication and Materials
Interconnection and Assembly
Characterization, Testing and Evaluation

Research Interests and Technical Specialty
Bio-inspired N/MEMS, focused on sensory and motor functions for the high-precision detection, low-loss processing and high-throughput manipulation of non-electrical information carriers, including mechanical, thermofluidic, optoradiative and biomedical matters in micro/nano-scales.

• Micro/Nano Electromechanical Devices and Applications Developed are the miniaturized electromechanical digital actuators, such as silicon muscle chips, mechanical digital-to-analog converters, modulators, and manipulators, as well as the inertial microsensors, including accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetic detectors, combined with electronic circuits and communication modules for applications to automotive electronics, aerospace navigation, computer devices and electronic games.

• Micro/Nano Optomechanical Devices and Applications Optomechanical mirrors, waveguides, and optical components are combined with light sources, detectors, optical fibers, waveguides, and connectors for applications to high-density information storage and high-speed optical communication systems.

• Micro/Nano Thermo- & Bio-fluidic Devices and Applications Digital injectors, propulsion devices, fluidic digital-to-analog converters, microfluidic separators, pumps, valves and diffusers are combined with heaters, channels, mixers, and reactors for applications to digital ink-jet printers, pressure regulators, flow controllers, fluidic distributors, biomolecule separators, lab-on-a-chip, and micro total analysis systems.

• Fundamental Technology and Physical Phenomena in Micro/Nano Regime Fundamental research topics include analysis and design, materials and processes, characterization and evaluation for the phenomena and principles involved in the understanding and invention of multi-modal, multi-scale devices and systems.


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