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  Publication Statistics

  Journal Conference Patents Books & Booklets Invited Sum
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1 2 7                     3 8 5 13
10 11 50 29 9   1   1 4   6 12 57 83 107 190
56 49 134 50 3     1   43   9 31 84 225 235 460
2011 4 3 4 5           5     1 2 9 15 24
2012 10 5 6 3           6     1 9 17 23 40
2013 5 2 1 1 2               2 4 10 7 17
2014 4 1 5 2 2         7     1 6 12 16 28
2015 3 1 2   2         3     2 5 9 9 18
2016 6   12 2 1         4     3 5 22 11 33
2017 5   8 4                   1 13 5 18
Total 104 74 229 96 19 0 1 1 1 72 0 15 53 176 408 433 841


  Selected Recent Publications

Jiyoon Bu, Tae Hee Lee, In Sik Kim, and Young-Ho Cho, "Microfluidic-Based Mechanical Phenotyping of Cells for the Validation of Epithelial-To-Mesenchymal-Like Transition Caused by Insufficient Heat Treatment," Sensors and Actuators : B, Vol.B244 (June 2017) pp.591-598.

Jiyoon Bu, Young Jun Kim, Yoon-Tae Kang, Tae Hee Lee, Jeongsuk Kim, and Young-Ho Cho, "Polyester Fabric Sheet Layers Functionalized with Graphene Oxide for Sensitive Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells," Biomaterials, Vol.125 (May 2017) pp.1-11.

Jiyoon Bu, Yoon-Tae Kang, Yong-Seok Lee, Jeongsuk Kim, Young-Ho Cho, and Byung-In Moon, "Lab on a Fabric: Mass Producible and Low-cost Fabric Filters for the High-throughput Viable Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells," Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Vol.91 (May 15, 2017) pp.747-755.

YoonHee Chang, Jiyoon Bu, and Young-Ho Cho, "Frequency-Dependent Impedance Analysis for Discriminating Cancer and Normal Cells Using Microchamber Array," Sensors and Materials, Vol.29, No.3 (March 15, 2017) pp.293-301.

Yoonji Kim, Jiyoon Bu, Young-Ho Cho, Il Tae Son, and Sung-Bum Kang, "A Viable Circulating Tumor Cell Isolation Device with High Retrieval Efficiency Using a Reversibly Deformable Membrane Barrier, " Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, Vol.27, No.2, Paper No.025015 (Feb. 2017) pp.1-10.

Jiyoon Bu, Yoon-Tae Kang, Young Jun Kim, Young-Ho Cho, Hee Kin Chang, Hojoong Kim, Byung-In Moon, and Ho Gak Kim, "Dual-Patterned Immunofiltration (DIF) Device for the Rapid Efficient Negative Selection of Heterogeneous Circulating Tumor Cells," Lab on a Chip, Vol.16, Issue 24 (Nov. 3, 2016) pp.4759-4769.

Jai Kyoung Sim, and Young-Ho Cho, " Portable Sweat Rate Sensors Integrated with Air Ventilation Actuators," Sensors and Actuators : B, Vol.B234 (Oct. 29, 2016) pp.176-183.

Young Jun Kim, Yoon-Tae Kang, and Young-Ho Cho, " Poly(ethylene glycol)-Modified Tapered-Slit Membrane Filter for Efficient Release of Captured Viable Circulating Tumor Cells," Analytical Chemistry, Vol.88, Issue 16 (Aug. 16, 2016) pp.7938-7945

Jai Kyoung Sim, and Young-Ho Cho, " Contact Force Compensated Thermal Stimulators for Holistic Haptic Interfaces," Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Vol.16, No.5 (May 2016) pp.4422-4427.

Sunghyun Yoon, Jai Kyoung Sim, and Young-Ho Cho, "A Flexible Piezoelectric Pulsewave Energy Harvester for Application to High-Efficiency Multi-Functional Skin Patches," Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, Vol.25, No.2 (April 2016) pp.388-393.

Sunghyun Yoon, Jai Kyoung Sim, and Young-Ho Cho, "A Flexible and Wearable Human Stress Monitoring Patch," Scientific Reports, Vol.6, Article No.23468 (March 23, 2016) pp.1-11.

Dong Woo Lee, Il Doh, Frans A. Kuypers, and Young-Ho Cho, "Sub-population Analysis of Deformability Distribution in Heterogeneous Red Blood Cell Population," Biomedical Microdevices, Vol.17, Issue 6, Article 102 (Dec. 2015) pp.1-5.

Dae Geon Seo, Won Han, and Young-Ho Cho, "A Compact Electromagnetic Micro-Actuator Using the Meander Springs Partially Exposed to Magnetic Field," Microsystem Technologies, Vol.21, Issue 6 (June 2015) pp.1233.1239.

Yoontae Kang, Il Doh, and Young-Ho Cho, "Tapered-Slit Membrane Filters for High-Throughput Viable Circulating Tumor Cell Isolation," Biomedical Microdevices, Vol.17, Issue 2, Article 45 (April 5, 2015) pp.1-7.

Min-Ji Kim, Taeyoon Kim, Il Doh, and Young-Ho Cho, “A Cell Electroporation Characterization Chip using a Single Tapered Channel for Continuous Electric Field Variation," BioChip Journal, Vol.8, Issue 4 (Dec. 20, 2014) pp.269-274.

Min-Ji Kim, Il Doh, Gab-Youg Bae, Hyuk-Jin Cha, and Young-Ho Cho, "Cell-matrix Adhesion Characterization Using Multiple Shear Stress Zones in a Single Microchannel," Applied Physics Letters, Vol.105, Issue 8, Paper No.083701. (Aug. 25, 2014)

Yoonji Kim, and Young-Ho Cho, "A Size-dependent Microparticle Capture and Release Chip using Concentric Membrane Ring Barriers," Current Applied Physics, Vol.14, Issue 8, (Aug. 2014), pp.1016-1021.

Jaemin Kim, Dae Geon Seo, and Young-Ho Cho, "A Flexible Skin Piloerection Monitoring Sensor," Applied Physics Letters, Vol.104, Issue 25, Paper No.253502. (June 23, 2014)

Dong Woo Lee, Il Doh, Yoonji Kim, and Young-Ho Cho, "Advanced Combinational Microfluidic Multiplexer Using Multiple Levels of Control Pressures," Lab on a Chip, Vol.13, Issue 18 (Sep. 21, 2013) pp.3658-3662.

Il Doh, Yoonji Kim, and Young-Ho Cho, "A Particle Trapping Chip Using the Wide and Uniform Slit Formed by a Deformable Membrane with Air Bubble Plugs," Current Applied Physics, Vol.13, Issue 5 (July, 2013) pp.902-906.

Sechan Youn, Dae Geon Seo, and Young-Ho Cho, "A Micro Tactile Transceiver for Fingertip Motion Recognition and Texture Generation,“ Sensors and Actuators : A, Vol.A195, Issue 1 (June 2013) pp.105-112.

Chang Han Je, Jaewoo Lee, Woo Seok Yang, Jongdae Kim, and Young-Ho Cho, "A Surface-Micromachined Capacitive Microphone With Improved Sensitivity,“ Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, Vol.23, No.5, Paper No.055018 (May, 2013) pp.1-7.

Won Chul Lee, Albert P. Pisano, and Young-Ho Cho, Frans A. Kuypers, "Flow-lysometry for cytoplasmic analysis of single cells in large populations," Micro & Nano Letters, Vol.8, Issue 4, (April, 2013) pp.169-172.

Min-Ji Kim, Taeyoon Kim, and Young-Ho Cho, "Cell Electroporation Chip Using Multiple Electric Field Zones in a Single Channel," Applied Physics Letters, Vol.101, Issue 22, Paper No.223705 (Nov. 30, 2012)

Jai Kyoung Sim, Sechan Youn, and Young-Ho Cho, "A Thermal Peripheral Blood Flowmeter with Contact Force Compensation," Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, Vol.22, No.12, Paper No.125014 (Nov. 6, 2012) pp.1-7.

Taeyoon Kim, Il Doh, and Young-Ho Cho, "A 3D Tumor Spheroid Chip with the Pharmacokinetic Drug Elimination Model Developed by Balanced Droplet Dispensing," Sensors and Actuators : B, Vol.B174 (Nov. 2012) pp.436-440.

Il Doh, Sechan Youn, Young-Hyun Jin, and Young-Ho Cho, "Microelectrofluidic Bench Using UV-curable Rigid Polymer Fabricated by Rapid and Low-temperature Process," Current Applied Physics, Vol.12, Issue 6 (Nov. 2012) pp.1596-1599.

Taeyoon Kim, Il Doh, and Young-Ho Cho, “On-chip Three-dimensional Tumor Spheroid Formation and Pump-less Perfusion Culture Using Gravity-driven Cell Aggregation and Balanced Droplet Dispensing," Biomocrofluidics, Vol.6, Issue 3 (Sep. 2012) Paper No. 034107

Il Doh, Hwan-il Yoo, Young-Ho Cho, Jinseon Lee, Hong Kwan Kim, and Jhingook Kim, “Viable Capture and Release of Cancer Cells in Human Whole Blood," Applied Physics Letters, Vol.101, Issue 4, Paper No.043701 (July 23, 2012)

Yun Jung Heo, Won Chul Lee, Taeyoon Kim, and Young-Ho Cho, "Active Micromechanical Motion Amplifiers Using the Mechanical Resonance Modulated by Variable Stiffness Springs," Sensors and Actuators : A, Vol.A180 (June 2012) pp.97-104.

Il Doh, and Young-Ho Cho, “Pumpless Fuel Supply Using Pressurized Fuel Regulated by Autonomous Flow-Rate Regulation Valves," Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology, Vol.9, Issue 3 (June 2012)

Ae Gyoung Oh, Dong Woo Lee, and Young-Ho Cho, "A Continuous Cell Separator Based on Gravity Force and Buoyant Force in Dissimilar Density Fluids," Sensors and Actuators : B, Vol.B166-167 (May 20, 2012) pp.24-30.

Il Doh, Won Chul Lee, Young-Ho Cho, Albert P. Pisano, and Frans A. Kuypers, "Deformation Measurement of Individual Cells in Large Populations Using a Single-Cell Microchamber Array Chip," Applied Physics Letters, Vol.100, Issue 1, Paper No.173702 (April 23, 2012)

Dong Woo Lee, and Young-Ho Cho, "A Digital Dilution Chip Using Inter-well Valves Controlled by a Ternary Microfluidic Multiplexer,“ Sensors and Actuators : B, Vol.B155, Issue 1 (July 5, 2011) pp.380-387.

Taeyoon Kim, and Young-Ho Cho, "A Pumpless Cell Culture Chip With the Constant Medium Perfusion-Rate Maintained by Balanced Droplet Dispensing," Lab on a Chip, Vol.11, Issue 10 (April 21, 2011) pp.1825-1830.

Yoonji Kim, Sechan Youn, Young-Ho Cho, Ho Joon Park, Byeung Gyu Chang, and Yong Soo Oh, "A Multi-Step Electrochemical Etching Process for a Three-Dimensional Micro Probe Array," Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, Vol.21, No.1, Paper No.015019 (Jan. 2011) pp.1-8.

Hye-Jin Jin, Young-Ho Cho, Jin-Mo Gu, Jhingook Kim, and Yong-Soo Oh, "A Multicellular Spheroid Formation and Extraction Chip Using Removable Cell Trapping Barriers," Lab on a Chip, Vol.11, Issue 1 (Jan. 2011) pp.115-119.

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