The 11th International Workshop on Micro and Nanotechnology
for Power Generation and Energy Conversion Applications

PowerMEMS 2011

November 15(Tue) ~ 18(Fri), 2011
Sejong Hotel, Seoul, Korea

Conference Chair: Young-Ho Cho, (KAIST)

Hosted by


Technical Topics

Energy harvesting microdevices and microsystems - Piezoelectric

Energy harvesting microdevices and microsystems - Non-piezoelectric 
(electrostatic, electromagnetic, and others) 

Energy conversion - Piezoelectric 

Energy conversion : Non-piezoelectric (electrostatic, electromagnetic, and others) 

Energy management and microsystem integration 

Micro fuel cells and micro reactors for fuel processing 

Micro thrusters, miniature propulsion microsystems, micro/nano catalysis,
combustion, and heat/mass transfer

Micro heat engines for power generation and propulsion 

Micro coolers and other thermal management technologies 

Micro and nanofabrication for energy applications 

Nanostructured and functional (thermoelectric and photovoltaic) 
materials and systems for energy management 

Biologically-inspired energy conversion and cooling 

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