Mission and Function

       An interdisciplinary virtual R&D center, pursuing
             - Combination of the complementary strengths of two countries for international excellence
             - Joint R&D focusing on emerging core technology for future industry
             - Network of industry-university-national research lab.
             - Cluster of people-technology-infrastructure


       Joint research on interdisciplinary platform technology based on technical excellence in the
           emerging fields of, but not limited to
   (a) Micro/Nano Materials & Systems (MN)
   (b) Biomedical & Bioengineering (BM)
   (c) Communication & Network (CN)
           based on the complementary industrial strength of both countries:
 - Chemical & materials
 - Biomedical
 - Precise machines
 - Semiconductor
 - Heavy industry
 - Electronic and communication

       Joint research projects with researcher exchanges
       Joint publications and patent disclosures for the emerging technology for future industry

    Implementation Plan

       JRC Seed Project
             - 2-year preparation program for JRC [Government support]
             - Target and subject refining for JRC
       JRC: 10-year Focused & Intensive Collaboration Program
             - Phase I (5 years) : Technology development & feasibility verification
                                               [Government support and Industry participation]
             - Phase II (3 years): Prototype development & evaluation
                                               [Government-Industry joint support & participation]
             - Phase III (2 years):Industrialization and technology diffusion
                                               [Industry support and Government participation]

    JRC Seed Project Preparation

24 Aug. 2005
~ 10 Sept. 2005
 - Survey of the individual topics and technical
 - Korea side
 - 24 proposals from
   19 institutes
25 Nov. 2005
 - Discussion on individual topics and technical
 - Korea side
16 Dec. 2005
 - Discussion on individual topics and technical
 - Korea side
13 Jan. 2006
 - Brainstorming on research theme candidates
 - Korea side
20 Feb. 2006
 - Agreement on research theme Survey of
   interest groups
 - Between focal points

    JRC Seed Project Research Theme

Human Sensory/Cognitive Organ & Tissue Research for Future Industrial Applications