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  Ministry Of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  Korea Institute if Science and Technology Evaluation and Planning
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  The European Chamber of Commerce in Korea
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  Korean Embassy in Switzerland

  Ageing and Apoptosis Research Center
  Cancer Metastasis Research Center
  Climate Environment Research center
  Electron spin science center
  High Energy Physics
  Integrated Molecular Systems
  Molecular Therapy Research Center
  Nitric Oxide Radical Toxicology Research Center
  Plant Metabolism Research Center
  Protein Network Research Center
  Quantum photonic science research center
  Rheumatism Research Center
  Statistical Research Complex Systems

  Advanced Bioseparation Technology
  Advanced Plasma Surface Technology
  Advanced Ship Engineering Research Center
  Applied Rheology Center
  Bioactive Molecular Hybrids
  Biometrics Engineering Research Center
  Combustion Engineering Research Center
  Electronic Packaging Materials
  Impedance Imaging Research Center
  Innovative Technology Radiation Safety
  Intellectual Biointerface Engineering Center
  Nano Bioelectronics & Systems Research Center
  Optical Internet Research Center
  Optics and Photonics Elite Research Academy
  Research Energy Conversion and Storage
  Research Proteineous Materials
  Research Transgenic Cloned Pigs
  Smart Infra-Structure Technology Center
  Virtual Reality Research Center

  3-D Millimeter-wave Integrated System
  Alzheimer¡¯s Dementia Research Center
  ARS Network
  Artificial Vision Research
  Asymmetric Ewactions
  Atomic wires and Layers
  Billionth Uncertainty Precision Engineering
  BioAnalytical Chemistry Laboratory
  Biomimetic Systems
  Biomolecular Recognition
  Calcium & Learning
  Cell Cycle Control Protein
  Cell Death
  Cell Growth Regulation
  Cellular Switch Protein Structure
  CMR Materials
  Coherent X-ray Research Center
  Control of Reaction Dynamics
  Controlling Optical Chaos
  Dark Matter Research Center
  Digital Nanolocomotion Center
  EAPap Actuator
  Electron Emission Source
  Enzymology Biochemistry
  Facilitated Transport Membranes
  Functional Nanomaterial
  Genome Regulation
  Hormone Research Center
  Microcrystal Assembly
  Microstructure science of materials
  Molecular Biophysics and Materials Laboratory
  Molecular Mechanisms of Synaptogenesis
  Molecular Physiology Laboratory
  Multidimensional Spectroscopy
  Multiscale Design Center
  Nano Particle Control
  Nanospinics of Spintronic Materials
  Nanostructures & Nanodevices Laboratory
  Nearfield Atom-photon Technology
  Neuro Dynamics
  Noncrystalline Materials
  Optical Frequency Control
  Organic Photorefractive materials
  Oxide Nanocrystalline Materials Research
  Plant Intracellular Trafficking
  Quantum Information Processing and System
  Repair System of Damaged DNA
  Research on program analysis system
  Research Oxide Electronics
  Science in Nanometer Scale
  Secretory granule research
  Seoul National University Human Animation Center
  Smart Light-harvesting Materials
  Smart Supramolecules
  Space Astrophysics
  Structural Biology of Cancer
  Study of Central Nervous System Zinc
  Superfunctional Materials
  Supramolecular Nano-Assembly
  Surface Science Laboratory
  Terahertz Photonics
  The Atomic Control of heteroepitaxy
  The Endothelial Cell Research Group
  The Sensory Research Center
  Tumor Suppressor Research
  Turbulence and Flow Control research
  Voronoi Diagram
  Ultrafast Optical Characteristics control
  Yim¡¯s Laboratory

  Advanced Materials Processing
  Biologocal Modulators
  Brain Research Center
  Functional Analysis of Human Genome
  Carbon Dioxide Reduction & Sequestration R&D Center
  Center for Applied Superconductivity Technology
  Center of Excellence in Ubiquitous Computing and Network
  Crop Functional Genomics Center
  Hydrogen Energy R&D Center
  Industrial Waste Recycling R&D Center
  Information Display R&D Center
  Intelligent Microsystem Center
  Intelligent Robotics
  Microbial Genomics & Applications Center
  Nanoscale Mechatronics & Manufacturing
  Nanostructured Materials Technology
  Plant Diversity Research Center
  Proton Engineering Frontier Project
  Smart Uav Development Center
  Stem Cell Research Center
  Sustainable Water Resources Research Center
  Tera Level Nano Devices
  The Functional Proteomics Center