Collaboration in the field of Science and Technology (S&T) ties between Korea and Switzerland in science and technology are strong. In October 1995, the First Round-Table on S&T between the two countries was held in Korea. The Round-Table brought together high-ranking representatives of Government, private enterprises, universities and research institutes of both countries. During the event, a Memorandum of Understanding on S&T Co-operation was signed. Two follow-ups Round-Tables took place in 1997 (Switzerland), 2001 (Korea), 2003 (Switzerland) and further meetings are planned.
In September 1996, a Memorandum of Understanding between the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation KOSEF and the Swiss National Science Foundation was signed. It provides the funds for exchange of personnel, joint research projects and seminars.
In 2001, at the occasion of the third Swiss-Korean Round-Table on Science and Technology, Switzerland and Korea agreed to reinforce their long-term collaboration further by bestowing an annual Swiss-Korean Outstanding Research Effort Award (SKORE-A) of US$ 200,000 to joint research teams of the countries. During the fourth Round-Table in 2003, two scientists were nominated as Focal Points, who will assist the governments in identifying concrete measures of cooperation.

 Program Calendar 2007

... January ...
| Meeting for the JRC Seed Project Preparation between Focal Points in Switzerland
... April ...
| The 4th JRC Seed Project Meeting, Seoul
... May ...
| The 5th JRC Seed Project Meeting, Seoul
| The 4th JRC Seed Project Meeting, Seoul
... June ...
| The 3rd Switzerland-Korea Science and Technology Forum, EPFL, Republic of Switzerland
... July ...
16-Sep. 14
| SUMMER RESEARCH PROGRAM 2007 (School of Life Sciences) in EPFL, Switzerland
... August ...
| 2nd annual EPFL Life Science Symposium (Neuroscience: Molecules, Systems and Diseases - Fellowships)
... February / 2008 ...
| Annual Meeting of the USGEB (Union of Swiss Societies of Experimental Biology) in EPFL, Switzerland

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